About us

My name is John Scaramuzzi.  I‘m the owner of Muzzi’s Madhouse. I grew up in South-Side Chicago–the youngest son in a large Italian family. I created Muzzi’s Madhouse in tribute to that tradition of family, excellence, and passion. I have two older brothers. As kids, we spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching or helping Mom and Grandma cook. They called it “causing trouble.”  I literally used to wear a shirt that said “Here Comes Trouble!” The women of the family could really cook, but some of my fondest memories are of my Grandfather making pizzas.  Every Sunday we would get together as a family and “mangia-mangia “ (eat) until we couldn’t anymore.  I remember waking up on Sunday to the wonderful smells from the start of “Sunday Gravy” (red sauce). It pulled me out of bed.  Every winter, four to five families would come together to make a hundred year old recipe of Sopprasatta (an Italian dried sausage).  We would make over 250 lbs worth and then divide it up between the families after the three month aging process.

I have been in the finance industry for the past 15 years and always dreamed of opening a restaurant. I want to leave a business to my kids Vincent and Adriana so they can continue to share our family’s history and traditions with others. Recent events in my life made me realize that the only way to make your dream a reality is to get up and do it, before it’s too late.  I hope you will come be a part of that.

My mission is to provide a piece of my heart, soul, and zest for life into every dish we serve.  We want that to extend to the service we provide every single customer who walks up to our window.  In Chicago, when you walked into our house, you were considered family and that is always the way I approach customer service. Every customer is considered FAMILY!

One of our staple items is our Chicago Style Italian Beef Sandwiches! This Chicago classics is something that most Chicagoans grow up eating 2 or more times a week. It is one thing I miss most about Chicago. I believe that once you try it,  you will fall in love with it!

Come by and check us out if you would like homemade Italian food, a fun atmosphere or have never had an Italian beef Sandwich.